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Harness the Power of 3D and AI:
Create, Customize, Captivate!

Our 3D experience elevates brand presentations online and offline, offering an immersive journey for customers to explore and engage with products, services, or companies. Create bespoke experiences that leave a lasting impression.

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Full realtime 3D with endless possibilities

The ultimate way to present your products online in full 3D.

The possibilities are unlimited and offer a completely new way to let your customers personalize the products. 3D Configurator Online gives you the possibility to use the same application in IOS, Android or even in your website. Our 3D applications can also be made for Virtual Reality such as the Oculus rift or Augmented reality. Consumers can configure and order your products in full 3D!


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Our approach

01 Which platform?

We choose the platform where your products come out best.

02 We determine the options and features

What will your customer be able to put together in the configurator?

03 Loading the 3D models

All your 3D models are checked, loaded and all your options are discussed.

04 Design, build and test

We design, build and test your configurator.

3D projects

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Responsive and Retina

All applications we make adapt to the screen of the user and can be used in full screen.

Your product in 3D

We support all industry standard 3D models that can be loaded directly. We can also take care of creating the models for you.

Configurator posibilities

Every color, material or scene can be imitated. By indicating your wishes, a 3D configurator can be made to personal wishes.

Design configurator

Choose a standard 3D design or let us create a unique design that matches your branding.


Connect the configurator directly to your CRM system, webshop or other back office software.

Need help?

No problem, 3D Configurator Online helps you from A to Z to build and design your configurator.

The ultimate way to present your products online in full 3D

Sortlist excellence award 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 & fd gazelle 2022

Sortlist is an online tool that is reinventing the way companies find marketing and communication agencies. They have built an online multi-criteria search tool that is strongly linked to professional networks and peer-to-peer recommendations. In addition to helping marketing executives find their partners in minutes, they also give awards to the companies on their platform every year. 3D Configurator Online has been proud winners of such an award for 2 years in a row.

Sortlist Excellence Award

Online platform

Sortlist Excellence Award

Most Creative Works Presentation

Sortlist Excellence Award

Online platform

Sortlist Excellence Award

Online platform

fd gazelle 2022

Ranked 45th on the list of fastest growing Dutch companies

fd gazelle 2023

Ranked 45th on the list of fastest growing Dutch companies

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The Power of AR in Education: Spatial Computing as a Learning Tool

Augmented Reality (AR) and spatial computing are revolutionizing education by creating interactive and immersive learning experiences. By overlaying digital information onto the real world, AR transforms teaching, making it more engaging and effective. AR bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, bringing abstract concepts to life and catering to various learning styles. Benefits include enhanced engagement, accessible hands-on experiences, and personalized learning paths. As AR technology becomes more widespread, it is set to become an integral part of education, enriched by AI for even more personalized and adaptive learning experiences.
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Advanced Texturing Techniques: Gaussian Splatter in 3D Modeling

Gaussian splatter is a cutting-edge texturing technique in 3D modeling that simulates the random dispersion of particles to create natural effects like paint splashes and dirt. Unlike uniform texturing methods, it uses Gaussian distribution algorithms for more varied and realistic results. This technique enhances realism by adding depth and complexity to textures, accurately reflecting real-world interactions. Its applications span gaming, film, animation, and product design, despite challenges in computational demand. As technology evolves, Gaussian splatter is set to become more integrated and sophisticated, expanding its creative and practical uses in digital design.