3d configurator online logo

3D Configurator Project for Newskool: Creating an Immersive Experience

Key Features: Glass Fraction Material: The use of advanced glass fraction materials in the logo icons creates a stunning visual effect, enhancing the overall user experience. Interactive 3D Environment: Users can manipulate and explore different components in real-time, making the experience both engaging and informative. New Vibe: The new design elements and animation techniques infuse the configurator with a fresh and vibrant vibe, perfectly aligning with Newskool’s innovative and growth-oriented ethos. About Newskool: Newskool offers a unique blend of full-time IT professional roles and part-time higher education (HBO or WO level), providing a robust platform for career growth and development. With locations in The Hague and Amsterdam, Newskool is committed to fostering a community of motivated and socially engaged IT professionals through comprehensive traineeships and strategic company collaborations. For more information about Newskool and their programs, visit Newskool.