Boost Your Sales Funnel with a 3D Configurator

3D configurators can attract more visitors to your website and improve every stage of your funnel.

Additionally, these can be image-based (photorealistic) or real-time (products can be customized and visualized instantly)


Moreover, just because of configurators’ buzz, you’ll gain more visitors. Then, you can increase their purchase confidence at the desire or consideration stage of the funnel with improved product interactions.


CGI refers to computer-generated imagery. It’s used in advertising, architecture, engineering, virtual reality, and even art.

Therefore, the latest 3D modeling tools enables creating the highest quality digital twins – 3D assets are now suitable for any type of product.

Lastly, CGI allows to showcase products in a more dynamic way and achieve better engagement.


According to research, one in five people who expressed interest in personalization is willing to pay up to 20% more for customized consumer products. Additionally, one of three customers wants personalized products.


Firstly, just because of the novelty of configurators – you can attract more visitors to your website (like in the Corvette case).

However, you are also on time to empower your customers with endless customization features. Personalization is more freedom and product satisfaction.

On the other hand, I know what you are thinking: this technology is still too new and doesn’t have a proven record. However, before you make conclusions think about Subway – yes, the American sandwich franchise founded in 1974.

Actually, their experience is entirely based on customization: you choose the bread, the main filling, vegetables, and sauces to get the ultimate sandwich experience. One that is created by you from the available ingredients.

This is a proven powerful concept that makes the shopping process better. With combinations, your customers can express themselves better through your products.

Furthermore, in an era of mass production, customization can give your business a competitive advantage.



Why should you care about 3D Configurators

By adopting new 3D configurator technology you can increase the customer's purchase confidence as they explore and learn more about your product in a playful but precise way - this can reduce product return rates as well alongside increasing your website engagement, reducing unsold stock and overproduction, as well as improving the quality of your leads.

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