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Photo Realistic Car Configurator

This pc application gave the client the ability to show off their car in a high detail real-time render in a realistic environment with complete control over the car’s surroundings. Thanks to the application the client is now able to present their car in a fully viewable 360 degree environment, this feature enables the client to show off different types of car paint in an on screen experience that is often described as authentic and faithful to the original. A paramount feature that this application offers is the option to switch day and night time to give users total control of the car’s environment. The user is in control of the camera and has the ability to zoom in and out to study every component of the car. The application also features weather changing effects that give the viewer the opportunity to watch the car endure all sorts of atmospheric conditions like heavy rainfall or strong winds. All in all the application gives complete control to the user so they can enjoy the car with their preferred aesthetics and environment in a complete on-screen experience.