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The ultimate way to present your products online in full 3D.

Elevate your brand presentation with our captivating 3D experience – a truly immersive journey for your customers.

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Viewers for different purposes

Nowadays any device, screen or solution deserves a designated viewer to enhance user interaction. The 360 viewer is standardly used for photography or 3D rendered content but using real-time 3D gives users an increased sense of immersion creating endless possibilities.

We create the perfect viewer custom-build to suit your needs, this creates an immersive experience for both you and your clients. Learn more about various viewer possibilities. Pre rendered 3D players, fully immersive real-time 3D players or a combination of featured techniques.
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Our approach

01 Better product interaction​

Increased consumer interaction through interactive product presentation. Show your products in full real-time 3D.

02 Proven results​

Improved sales process through full interaction with your CRM and E-Commerce Systems.

03 Cost efficiency

Interactive product interaction creates a better consumer experience and drives to higher sales.

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Configurators for any market segment

Desktop player

We build custom-made configurators that can be fully integrated into your online platforms. We can also use any offline system of your choice.

3D modeling

Our configurators support all industry standard 3D models that can be utilized directly. We can also create 3D models from scratch or translate existing models to a format that can be used in a 3D setting.

Limitless configuration

Our 3D configurators can imitate every color, material or scene. Our configurators are custom-made towards our clients wishes, creating a sales tool that is perfectly suited for any product.

Configurator design

Choose a standard design or let us create a unique design that matches your brand. We design the perfect UI that’s easy to use and integrated into your systems to your customer experience.

Webshop integration?

Connect your configurator directly to your CRM system, Webshop or other back office software. Utilize full integration to ease the ordering process and let your clients interact with your product. Our integrations in your system create ways to export order sheets to improve process.

Need help?

We assist you during the entire process, we help you from A to Z to build and design a configurator. Would you like a custom-made demo or do you have any questions; call us: +31202900515

Made for any screen

WebGL, IOS, Android, Mobile or Desktop, we help you create the perfect sales tool for your product.

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Mobile application

Want to let your customers purchase and configure your products directly via an Android or Apple IOS app? No problem! We offer solutions for both Google Play and the IOS App Store that allow your customers to instantly use your configurator after downloading. Users can view and configure your products and order their combination immediately. Integrate the configurator into your systems to enhance the entire ordering process.

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Web or desktop?

The Unity WebGL solution creates the possibility of a product configurator to fully function online in-browser without the use of a plug-in. The 3D configurators support Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera, making it possible to present your product at the highest quality. The configurator can also be delivered as a downloadable program.

3D application with

endless possibilities

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Our targets

Object targets

Object Targets are created by scanning an object. They are a good option for toys and other products with rich surface details and a consistent shape.

Multiple targets

Multi Targets are for objects with flat surfaces and multiple sides, or that contain multiple images. Product packaging, posters and murals all make great Multi Targets.

Vumark targets

VuMarks allow you to identify and add content to series of objects. They’re a great way to add information and content to product lines, inventory and machinery.

Image targets

Image Targets are the easiest way to put AR content on flat objects such as magazine pages, trading cards and photographs.

Model targets

Model Targets allow you to recognize objects by shape using pre-existing 3D models. Place AR content on a wide variety of items like industrial equipment, vehicles, toys and home appliances.

Cylinder targets

Cylinder Targets enable you to place AR content on objects with cylindrical and conical shapes. Soda cans, bottles and tubes with printed designs are great candidates for Cylinder Targets.

Target solutions

With our 3D Configurator we can provide Augmented Reality Target Solutions. Learn more about the solutions to improve your business.

3d configurator online market target

Marker target

3d configurator online object target

Object target

3d configurator online floor target

Floor target

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How does it work?

01 Which platform?

We choose the platform most suited towards your needs, this is based on the level of the customer experience and where customers tend to order your products.

02 We determine the options and features

What will your customers be able to put together in the configurator? Bring your products to life with Augmented Reality solutions; we create the showcase that your product deserves.

03 Loading the 3D models Designing flowchart

All your preexisting 3D models are checked, loaded and all your options have been discussed. We are all about transparency, we use Flowcharts to show you the project specifics and timeline.

04 Design, build and test

We design the user interface based on your brand & whishes. After this phase we will build, test and upload you application to the location of your choosing.

Interactive solutions

Every consumer product that can be customized is suitable for 3D configuration. Bring you product to life with Augmented-Reality solutions. Show your products in a 3D environments and let your customers experience your products in a fully interactive manner.

Unique experience in your store, event or fair

All applications we produce can function on large touchscreen devices for a unique in-store experience. Bring your uniquely designed touchscreen table with Virtual-Reality possibilities to events and fairs so you can show your product in an interactive manner. Let possible consumers experience your products through an interactive experience at your booth.

Virtual reality solutions

Every consumer product that can be customized is suitable for a 3D configurator in virtual reality. Let consumers experience your event, product, project or complete story within virtual reality.

Augmented reality

Our applications can also feature full Augmented Reality functionality, making the buying experience of your customer even more immersive. View the product in its intended environment using the Microsoft HoloLens or the Augmented Reality glasses from Magic Leap, give your consumers the ultimate buying experience. Consumers can also install the application on their phone or tablet to enjoy it through the use of their personal device. Our options are endless, so are your opportunities.

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Possibilities of online 3D configurator

Online configurator

This configurator works in any webbrowser without a plugin

Android App

This configurator works on any android device with googleplay

IOS app

This configurator is specially made for Apple devices with itunes

Web, desktop or image based
3D configurators cases

3d configurator online - ar technology in data analytics

The Power of AR in Education: Spatial Computing as a Learning Tool

Augmented Reality (AR) and spatial computing are revolutionizing education by creating interactive and immersive learning experiences. By overlaying digital information onto the real world, AR transforms teaching, making it more engaging and effective. AR bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, bringing abstract concepts to life and catering to various learning styles. Benefits include enhanced engagement, accessible hands-on experiences, and personalized learning paths. As AR technology becomes more widespread, it is set to become an integral part of education, enriched by AI for even more personalized and adaptive learning experiences.
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Advanced Texturing Techniques: Gaussian Splatter in 3D Modeling

Gaussian splatter is a cutting-edge texturing technique in 3D modeling that simulates the random dispersion of particles to create natural effects like paint splashes and dirt. Unlike uniform texturing methods, it uses Gaussian distribution algorithms for more varied and realistic results. This technique enhances realism by adding depth and complexity to textures, accurately reflecting real-world interactions. Its applications span gaming, film, animation, and product design, despite challenges in computational demand. As technology evolves, Gaussian splatter is set to become more integrated and sophisticated, expanding its creative and practical uses in digital design.