Consumer electronics

Why 3D configurator

Because the digitization of assets is an inevitable force of change, we wanted to give you a glance at the future of interactive e-commerce. If you are interested to see what 3D renders can do for your business, then you are at the right place. This trend is expected to completely disrupt online shopping very soon.

3D models provide you with 360 rotation, zoom-in, and real-time customization, all in an easy-to-use environment. This is the future way of showcasing your products to leverage customer engagement and purchase confidence.

Mobile devices

Since your customers are increasingly shopping online through their mobile devices, we have optimized our 3D models to run smoothly on all screens sizes. Your products can now be displayed with hyper-realistic images. Smooth edges and effects like wobbly water, shadows, and reflections contribute to a cutting-edge shopping experience.

Users can now go further down your sales funnel and spend more time in your webshop. All this together with an integrated back-end solution for your inventory management.

Optimized loading time
Our developers have mastered the balance between loading times and image resolution ratio (this can, of course, be tailored to your needs). Creating the best brand interactions for your customers has never been so important!

Moreover, your branding and strategy play the biggest role in the design of the user interface – this is carefully designed to amplify your visual identity and to make a striking impression.
Photo realistic 3D renders

We design 3D renders in the highest possible image quality for your online configurator as well – customization capabilities can give you a competitive advantage in the industries where mass production is the norm.

Improve your visual presence and get prepared for the future.

Lucis 3.0 Simple & Twist

We built a feature showcase Configurator for our in-house portable lighting brand Lucis™, the configurator was purposed towards fresh consumers. The configurator gives consumers the opportunity to view and use the product in it’s intended settings. Users can cycle through the different Light programs, customize the lamp with different colors & accessories and place it in their ideal environment.

Amplify your product showcasing

Become a trendsetter in your industry while accelerating your sales. Configurators do not only provide a more interactive showcase for your products, but they also allow you to increase the price of your offering (customers interested in customization are willing to pay 20% more for customized products according to a Deloitte study) and even help to reduce your stock burden (with less stock overproduction, there are fewer products unsold).

More sales & less returns

According to Forbes, “the best configurators are accelerating sales cycles, reducing customer churn and increasing average deal sizes by providing prospects with a clear view of the products they’re buying”.

Involving your customers in the product-building process could help to reduce the gap between their expectations and disappointment, as well as creating positive feelings towards your products and brand.


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