Creating 3d models

A 3D modeling pipeline is a series of steps involved in creating a 3D model, whether it’s for animation, video games, virtual reality, or other applications. The exact steps can vary depending on the software used and the specific requirements of the project.

In 3D production, clear planning is the key. If a 3D model is partly supplied sometimes it’s less work for the modeler, depending on the missing parts. The more details a modeler owns the faster a production takes place.

01 Photo reference

Collect visual references such as images, photos, or concept art that will guide the modeling process. For model sign-off we need to collect or make a reference picture of the object that needs to be created. All the details are important. The model materials, reaction with light, shape of details and all the angles.
This input determines how the final 3D model looks and feels.

02 Geometry

The ‘Modeling’ step is more about creating the basic shapes or blocking out the main forms of the model. Clear pictures of every important angle are necessary for the production. After shaping, it is time for texture application.

03 The Model

Adding finer details to the model, is the last step. Creating or applying textures to the 3D model, can involve painting directly onto the model, using procedural textures, or applying pre-made textures.



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