Dutch Craft – 3d yacht animation and still rendering

The new Dutch craft E-Cat 25

The E-Cat 25 is a silent electric catamaran that’s perfect for spending time on the water with friends and family. While Dutch Craft is known for its purpose-built crafts like diving, daytrips, and other active live on the water experiences, the E-Cat 25 is by far the most efficient 25 footer on the market.

3D Still and animation production

The Dutch Craft renderings were produced in high quality, and delivered with animations to portray a clean Scandinavian design focusing on utility and efficiency. The storyline focused on all features of the boat, from its usability in open water to its lines and sharpness. The still renders from multiple angles showed the specific high quality materials and finishes used in these boats. The renders also showed angles not possible in conventional photoshoots, combined with the wind tunnel details, how will the water run by the hull. The Dutch Craft renderings had a very low drag coefficient that we wanted to show off!

Life-like renders and a new digital presence

These boats deserve the best 3D technology and we gave it to them.

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