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About Fashion 3D Configurator

We created a system that displays all of the opportunities 3D configurators have to offer to showcase Fashion garments in an online environment. Let your consumers customize each and every part of your product and allow them to configure their ideal suit.

Making renders to replace and mix with photography

Utilise optimised 3D models to replace expensive photography with cost-efficient 3D renders that can be placed into any environment. Can you find the difference in quality between hyper realistic renders and real life photography?

Immersive experiences increase conversion across the board

Grant your customer an immersive experience and allow them to personalise each and every part of your product. Allow them to experience the variety of combinations your clothing have to offer. From different fabrics to different buttons and custom engraving. 3D configurators have been shown to improve conversion across the board. Want to see what 3D can do for your clothing brand, contact us to find out more.
Explore the 3D fashion configurator that lets consumers customise their outfits and products, pushing the boundaries of e-commerce websites. It allows users to have a personalised experience with your brand. Discover the possibilities now.

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