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Fusing 3D configurator with
e-commerce solutions

Allow your customers to explore your products in detail with 3D technology as well as customize them to their liking in real-time. Your retail business has never been so dynamic – thanks to this digital environment which can be integrated via the website, Android, and IOS app, you will be able to empower your customers with endless possibilities. Personalization features could skyrocket consumer product satisfaction, however, we give extra care to your ordering process, which is why providing back-end solutions for your online store is at the core of our services.

  • Unique branded interface
  • No subscriptions or monthly fees
  • High resolution environments with 360 views
  • Easy to update with new models and materials
  • Easy way to implement your own materials and colors

Case study: Under Armour Shoes

Our Under Armour shoe configurator is a supreme showcase of great looking footwear. The shoe can be viewed in a 360 degree setting that gives the viewer complete camera control. The camera has the ability to zoom in and out and is the ultimate viewing tool. The shoe can be fully customized to suit the customer’s needs, this includes customization of the colors and materials of several components of the shoe, everything is customizable from the sole to the laces. Have consumers design their ideal shoe and buy it online through full integration into your CRM system or website.

  • Visual selection
  • 3D application IOS
  • Visual selection
  • Texture and material selector

Case study: Nike Air Force 1

This Nike Air Force 1 IOS configurator was build to show off the array of combinations sneakerheads can put together in the search for their ultimate sneaker. The customizability of the shoe is endless, users can choose between different materials, patterns and colors for the 11 shoe components. This sneaker configurator is the ultimate tool to show off and have consumers creatively interact with your product.

Experimenting with 3D Model Handbags

We were curious about how well we could recreate digital twins with our 3D rendering tools for consumer products. Therefore, we have chosen to explore handbag digitization as an example – its durability and design make them one of the many ideal retail products yet to be disrupted with customization capabilities and 3D.

Attention: Note that the demo below is made with the latest techniques to show you how the configurator could look on your browser. Additionally, loading time can be customized to your needs.

Luxury handbags have the most exclusive audiences

We do not claim that a 3D configurator online environment would fit every business or brand. However, it could be a game-changer for online businesses selling consumer products to audiences seeking novelty, exclusive shopping experiences, and more unique products.

Thanks to 3D high-resolution models, users are able to personalize different features of your product without compromising in quality – as well as examining not only the inside but all the different angles of the product, right before buying them. This could ultimately drive up the price of your offering and enhance shopping experiences.

Lastly, showcasing your products with digital twins could improve customer interaction with your brand. Additionally, digital environments can be easily modified, and updated with a new collection of products versus photography or video sessions. You can have a look at the digital images that we have created for different bag brands (at the end of the page) and assess how realistic do they look!