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Furniture & home accessories

3D visualization of building designs and furnishings for effective presentation

Unlimited possibilities

Enable your clients to explore architectural and product renderings with unprecedented detail on your website. Harness the power of both real-time 3D and photorealistic pre-rendered visuals to provide limitless customization possibilities and streamline the decision-making process. Elevate your presentations with immersive, true-to-life renderings for architecture and product designs.

  • Enhanced visualization
  • Customization
  • Streamlined decision-making
  • Eye-catching visuals
  • Cost-effective

Compatible with any screen

This 3D content creation revolutionizes project and product sales by offering immersive experiences adaptable to any media player without limitations. Going beyond a static 3D model, it enables clients to interactively explore and personalize designs, increasing engagement, understanding, and ultimately, driving purchase decisions. It transforms 3D models into the starting point of an unforgettable customer journey.

Photo realistic 3D renders

The configurator enables you to create a captivating portfolio showcasing all customizable aspects of your architectural designs, furniture, seating, products, and interiors. These photorealistic images can be utilized for both online and offline presentations, allowing clients to visualize your offerings without experiencing them in person. Discover the potential a configurator brings to your architectural, product, or service presentations.

Augmented Reality Furniture Configurator

Our fully customizable Chair configurator is the ultimate online furniture sales tool. The configurator features hundreds of combinations in the clean 360 degree environment, users can customize and choose their favorite materials and colors to find their dream chair. The configurator also has an AR feature that gives users the option to place the chair into any room to see how the furniture fits in the room. Our configurators can be fully integrated into any website or application

  • 3D application IOS
  • Realistic shaders
  • Texture and material selector
  • Augmented reality function