HBOT4LIFE – 3d product rendering

The HBOT4LIFE Alexander Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

The Alexander chamber is a beautiful and ingenious product that deserves to be seen from different angles. Our experience with 3D renders gave us the opportunity to give the product the attention it deserves.

Creation of unique product

HBOT4LIFE asked us to create a new brand identity for their ingenious hyperbaric chambers. We decided that 3D images were the most suitable way to maximize the experience of the exclusiveness of HBOT4LIFE’s chambers on their new website. What’s more, the Alexander HBOT chamber is not only a unique product, it is also customizable in color and can be equipped with extra features. This should also be clear from the website.


For the Brink Agency, the challenge was finding the right tone of voice for an extremely exclusive product. And also, to create a website for private persons and businesses at the same time. We decided to let the pictures speak for themselves, combined with symbols for extra features and the beneficial health effects.

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