How BMW, Mercedes, and the top car brands drive a 3D Configurator

BMW and the top-tier vehicle brands raced to the end-line to launch their own 3D configurator. Therefore, we’ve speed up to explore the new landscape. Firstly, configurators are sales system tools where customers can choose the components of any product. However, you are probably wondering why are configurators so dear to top brands like BMW or Mercedes? This is because they can drive website traffic up and therefore, they’re becoming key tools for this market.

Additionally, they accelerate your sales funnel with customization. Now you can stop wondering how Audi’s configurator differs from Aston Martin, or even from Ferrari. Spoiler alert: some brands display vehicle pricing or might include a test drive option, while others do the exact opposite.

That’s why we’ve analyzed how the best car brands are integrating e-commerce experiences with a 3D configurator. It’s time to start the engines and maneuver around the latest tactics for real-time configurators.

01 BMW

One of the most popular cars in the world happens to be the first brand on our list. This German company dares to showcase ninety-two vehicles in their configurator. Their collection features from series 1 to 8, including electric and hybrid versions. You can choose the new BMW 2 Series Coupe or even the M8 convertible.

As soon as you make your mind up, you can immediately see the standard price as well as a 3D model of the car that you selected. This can rotate 360-degrees with access to full-screen mode. When you scroll down you are able to select from twelve color paints. From which four of those are premium priced. BMW features extraordinary wheels – however, you can decide to keep the stock ones or purchase a different style for five hundred euros extra.

Additionally, you can select among ten different seat colors, the interface will immediately display a 3D render of the interior so you ….. Later, you can purchase a better-performing drive package to increase your top speed from 250 km/h. to 305 km/h.

Lastly, you can finish cruising by getting your configuration in a brochure, forwarding it to a concessionaire, or requesting a test drive. You can also search for the nearest BMW dealer.

BMW configurator

02 Audi

From the Audi e-tron to the TT, and even the exotic Audi R8. This configurator features more than thirty vehicles presented with photorealistic 3D renders. Just choose between the sports or convertible version. First, select the series and then the edition of the vehicle.

You can start by personalizing the exterior with a few free color paints. However, paying extra to choose from a variety of tones of metallic or pearl paint could be worth it to achieve the perfect style. Audi offers an extensive choice to consumers. This includes the type and size of rims, seat colors, or even cool gadgets such as parking assistance, 360-degree cameras, cruise control, and electrically adjustable seats. Therefore, this online environment is not only about aesthetics, but also the convenience of the vehicle. Also, brand advocates are here for a treat with a comprehensive selection of merchandise.

Once you are done, you can hit the breaks to get an overview of all the features/items you’ve selected and pricing. Until you complete this outstanding experience by exporting the pdf overview, comparing it with other car configurations, or requesting quotes for both financial and operational leases.

Audi configurator

03 Mercedes

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Mercedes configurator

04 Lamborghini

To delight you with Italian super sports cars, Lamborghini launched one of the most aesthetic configurators ever. You can choose from the Aventador, Huracan, and URUS series. Then, select the model that you want – to start sampling seven types of paint with more than forty different tones.

Moreover, there’s a handful of rims in different colors/sizes. And you can even select the color of the brake caliper attached to the wheel. Lamborghini’s experience allows you to customize the rear bumper, windscreen, and more. Additionally, the vehicles are presented with outstanding quality and striking angles. However, very high-end assets can be a trade-off for website performance. Therefore, the loading times are slower.

Additionally, the interiors include seat contrast color and stitching selections. It’s all about the details like for example, the seat belt color. Also, they offer thoughtful extras are such as Pirelli premium tires, fire extinguisher, and garage door opener. Later, the overview is presented on a minimalistic page with the option to request a brochure or direct contact, but the pricing is not displayed whatsoever. Sometimes is best not to show the big numbers on-screen.

Lamborghini configurator

05 Aston Martin

For the luxury automobile British brand, you can configure the DBX, DB11, DBS, and Vantage models. Moreover, the vehicle imagery is presented in seven high-quality renders, with a realistic road background. Additionally, their color paint selection is the largest on this list, with fifty-four different tones. Then, you can select from a handful of exterior options, different rims, and don’t forget to add the color of the brake attachment to make those wheels look truly yours.

Furthermore, for the interior, you can play with combinations of primary and secondary tones. Also, they have a few choices for the badging and engine exhaust. Not only that, there are handy accessories available such as engine cover, tread plates, mats, maintenance products, and even snow chains.

At the end of the trip, they get nice and sales by offering a three-year service plan as well as a warranty extension for your new car. At this stage, the pricing is unknown. You are able to request a personalized brochure by leaving your personal details – this feature is a goldmine of qualified leads for the business.

Aston Martin configurator

06 Ferrari

Fasten your seatbelt because once again, the Italians are accelerating with their looks. Here, you can find seven super realistic 3D car models with a remarkable interface. Furthermore, Ferrari’s configurator features the 812 Competizione, SF90 Spider, Ferrari Roma, and eight of the most updated models.

There’s a fine selection of more than twenty colors. However, for the fussiest customers, there’s an option to book a personal session to take full advantage of their configurator. Ferrari takes customization to the next level with personal service. Likewise previous brands, there’s a handful of wheel rims, brake attachment colors, seat stylings, and interior colors (including the carpets) that you can choose from.

You can finish the digital tour by downloading or sharing the overview – or by ordering your masterpiece with a Ferrari dealer. However, don’t expect to see the pricing just yet.

Ferrari configurator

07 Rolls Royce

By opening the door to this luxury car website, you can configure ten different models. From the Phantom to the Dawn convertible. Visualize your vehicle through nine different 3D models, then, scroll down to trigger the interactions.

Moreover, you can choose from around sixteen color tones. Also, the Rolls Royce emblem itself and other exterior options can be customized. The interior choice includes leather detailing, eleven interior colors, and different textures.

Furthermore, you are able to select the monitor, steering wheel, and headlining unique designs. If you like to shine with a lot of bling, you can add steel treadplates and badges to the interior. Moreover, Lambswool and leather mats are available too.

You can purchase handy gadgets such as driving, audio, and camera system. As well as tv tuner, and comfort entry system. Also, the brand expedition features merchandising like headphones, an umbrella, a personalized headrest, and other cool accessories. This online adventure comes to an end without the pricing, by either downloading a pdf overview or by getting in touch with one of the Rolls Royce dealers.

Roll Royce configurator

08 Porsche

They’ve taken a bolder strategy by featuring their pricing straight away on their dozen different models. Here, you will find series such as the Porsche Cayenne, and 718. Furthermore, Porsche uses super realistic renders that bring to life their vehicles. Around seventeen colors are available of which four are free pricing.

In addition to an appealing rims selection, you can choose from different materials for the interior and types of seats. Particularly this is not a highly visual interface since most of the options are embedded in a drop-down menu with a vast amount of features.

On the other hand, Porsche offers maximum speed recognition and lane change assistant which comes in very handy on those high-speed German highways. Soon, you get an overview with the technical details and pricing which you can forward to a nearby dealer. Then, you also learn the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the vehicle.

Porsche configurator

Wheels configurator

On the other lane, If you are looking for new wheels for your car, then you should definitely check out ALCAR’s website. This handy configurator has an extensive list of brands and vehicle models. Simply browse their list and select the vehicle that you own. The car render rotates 360-degrees, and you can customize the color and interior as well.

Then, it’s time to try on different rims and see which one achieves that perfect style you are looking for. Meanwhile, they offer a quite decent range of wheels, tailored to each specific car model. Finally, you can search for a nearby dealer to make your purchase.

Wheels configurator

How configurators help top-notch automobile brands

The best automotive brands are pioneering new business models with product showcasing and on-demand assembling. This could be because less overproduction can reduce operational costs.

However, a 3D configurator is an initial step to implement such innovation. A system alike can optimize your sales funnel too. Many of the websites listed are searched and visited just because of the configurator buzz. This online environment can increase brand awareness by attracting more visitors to your site.

Not only that, it optimizes shoppers’ intent and evaluation phases too – with interactions and personalization options. The possibilities are endless, brands can accelerate their core essence and manifest their values by offering virtually any key features.

Finally, the purchasing and invoicing process becomes more efficient altogether. Therefore, configurators can integrate high-standard e-commerce experiences. Then, it’s time to try on different rims and see which one achieves that perfect style you are looking for. Meanwhile, they offer a quite decent range of wheels, tailored to each specific car model. Finally, you can search for a nearby dealer to make your purchase.



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