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Interactive VR/AR room

This fully interactive room was designed to show off and present any new project using both Virtual reality and augmented reality. This is possible through the use of several of the latest techniques in the tech industry.

The primary contractor for this project was a software company planning to present and review new projects and opportunities in this futuristic room. The entrance is an all inclusive meeting room that utilizes large glass panels that can be dimmed to reduce the light in the room, another option with this advanced glass is to use it as the surface to project presentations of both VR and AR solutions and projects.

• Concept sketches and technology investigation
• Production sketches
• 3D renders room presentation

Concept 1 / VR Table

This portable device gives you the ability to present a configurator or VR-experience anywhere. With-out the need to build a room within a room or renovate a exciting room. The power of this portable device is within the fast computer on the right side. The availability of a VR-experience like the oculus rift can be controlled with the 44inch touch screen.

Concept 2 / VR Exprerience cube

This VR or Experience cube can be build within an existing location. The cube can be filled with all the latest technology to give the costumer that new ‘wow experience’ within a defined area. The cube can be build up at for example an event location or a dealership space. With the 75inch touch-screen and a second screen to be hand-held it is easy to control any configuration for an extended VR-experience. The cube and it’s storage room makes it possible to combine real-life paint and leather samples with VR in order to give a good representation of your ideal interior composition.
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With the augmented reality it possible to showcase the possiblity to layover a informa-tive information upon physical objects. This is possible with with a almost unvisible codes within the object or even printed codes upon a flyer. To show a 3d object upon a piece of paper or any other object.

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