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Koni – 3d Technology

3D visual assets

The Koni project required a comprehensive set of 3D visual assets to highlight the intricacies and benefits of their advanced vehicle suspension systems. Our team produced high-quality 3D renders, over 25 animations, product explanatory renders, exploded views, and numerous packshots across multiple vehicle categories.

The Result

Our team generating a vast array of 3D visual assets, including high-fidelity renders, more than 25 dynamic animations, comprehensive product explanatory renders, intricate exploded views, and a multitude of packshots across various vehicle categories
We produced an extensive collection of internal and external shots tailored for Koni’s European and US market e-commerce platforms. The assets were meticulously designed to enhance online product listings and ensure a seamless customer experience. Additionally, we created a significant number of images for product packaging, showcasing Koni’s brand and product details effectively.
Our services also extended to providing visuals for Koni’s product catalog, emphasizing the superior quality and features of their suspension systems in an appealing, easy-to-understand format. All these efforts collectively played a crucial role in enhancing Koni’s brand visibility and product comprehension, thereby supporting their marketing and sales initiatives.