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How 3D Cube Dynamics visualize the future of lead generation

Leads.io is a lead generation company specializing in custom marketing strategies for various sectors. Based in Hoorn, Noord Holland, they focus on data-driven methods to help businesses grow their customer base. With over 250 experts across 11 offices in 9 countries, Leads.io is adept at acquiring high-quality leads, offering a global reach and efficient solutions in lead generation.

The flexibility of the 3D  system helps blending aesthetics with interactivity

The 3D cube system for Leads.io is a visual embodiment of dynamic lead generation. This futuristic design element not only elevates Leads.io’s visual identity but also symbolizes its commitment to continuous growth and adaptability. The cubes’ fluid movements and interactions craft a compelling narrative, cementing a robust, future-proof brand image that resonates with Leads.io’s forward-thinking approach.

Results: 25 assets where created in 3D

Next to the full 3D production and animation the Ux/Ui was delivered in a total of 18 pages, completed with micro animations. Content art direction and many different assets. 

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