SA Wear Clothing configurator

SA Wear Clothing configurator This is the second generation clothing configurator for SA wear. SA wear has been using our 3D configurator to help clients create tens of thousands of combinations for their preferred business clothing order. This new and improved version uses the latest techniques we created to compile a fully customizable application for […]

3D configurator interactive installation

3D CONFIGURATOR INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONS The 3 projects featured in this installation activity were made to present and experience various products, services and solutions in an optimal manner. The first installation is a portable touchscreen table that integrates VR into a mobile platform. It’s ideal for conventions to show off everything your product or service has […]

Studio Pets

Studio Pets The models of Studio Pets are the cutest young animals that are photographed in the fluffiest settings with stylish accessories. Studio Pets has been at the basis for many successful merchandise collections over the whole world due to the success of the models and photos of their lovable creatures. Studio Pets AR Our […]