Munro Tailoring 3D Shoe Configurator

We created a fully custom-made shoe configurator to showcase the extensive line of shoe wear Munro Tailoring has to offer. The configurator is based upon 5 shoe models that can be altered in a number of way, customers can adjust the colors of the leather exterior and the interior sole. The tool grants users the power of experiencing and creating their custom product before ever laying eyes on it in real life. Creating a custom and special buying experience differentiates your products and brand from the competition and has been proven to reduce costly nuisances like product returns.

  • Interface completely branded around your products
  • Future-oriented e-commerce
  • High resolution environments with 360° views
  • Easy to update with new models & materials
  • Easy way to implement your own materials & colors
  • Compatible with multiple screen types

Full E-Commerce integration

E-Commerce integration
Another beneficial factor of configurators besides the visual components is the opportunity for full e-commerce integration. This allows the configurator and all of the products and customizations to be linked to your webshop creating an all-in buying experience. Customers configure their ideal shoe and can immediately see the costs, save their rendition, and ultimetaly buy the product. This does not only allow for a better buying experience but also creates clarity as all the data of the different customizations will be available to you. This can create a better insight into customer needs and wants allowing you to adjust and showcase your products accordingly.