Lucis 3.0 Simple & Twist

Lucis™ 3.0 feature showcase Configurator & Renderings

We built a feature showcase Configurator for our in-house portable lighting brand Lucis™, the configurator was purposed towards fresh consumers. The configurator gives consumers the opportunity to view and use the product in it’s intended settings. Users can cycle through the different Light programs, customize the lamp with different colors & accessories and place it in their ideal environment.

The Lucis 3.0 series offers a wide variety of accessories and functions that had to be showcased to new consumers. The high-quality visuals were created to show off all of the ins and outs of the wireless lighting series and were used on all types of social platforms. The images also made a great addition to the catalogue, brochures, guides as well as all other digital platforms.

In short the combination of the configurator and renderings created the high-quality imagery Lucis needed to promote its newest series, are you interested in a similar service for your products? Request a demo now!


  • Realistic shaders
  • 3D application
  • Texture & material selector
  • Augmented reality function
3D renders
Application solutions
show every detail up close