Boost your online retail business with a 3d configurator

A configurator is an online environment that accelerates customers’ shopping experiences. They can be image-based (photorealistic) or real-time (products can be customized and visualized instantly).

Thanks to web innovation, configurators can easily display 3d images with a 360-degree view right in your browser.

The advantage of adopting CGI

CGI refers to computer-generated imagery. It's used in advertising, architecture, engineering, virtual reality, and even art.

With CGI, retail businesses are able to showcase their products in a more dynamic way and achieve better engagement.

Finally, the latest 3d modeling tools allow the creation of the highest quality digital twins - 3d assets are now suitable for any type of product.

Users explore better your products

Would you like to offer a unique shopping experience? 3d assets allow users to explore in detail your products which can increase their purchase confidence.

Increase your offering price

According to a Deloitte survey, one in five people who expressed interest in personalization is willing to pay up to 20% more for customized consumer products.




You can empower your customers with customizable features such as text, color, and shapes. The freedom of designing a masterpiece of your own could skyrocket product satisfaction.

I know what you are thinking, this technology is still too new and does not have a proven record. However, before you make conclusions think about Subway – yes, the American sandwich franchise founded in 1974.

Their food experience is entirely based on customization: you can choose the bread, the main filling, vegetables, sauces, and condiments to get the ultimate sandwich experience. One that is created by you from the available ingredients.

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This is a proven powerful concept that makes the shopping process more appealing. Give endless combinations to your customers so they express themselves better through your products.

Furthermore, in an era of mass production, customization is a valuable Unit Selling Point (USP) that gives your business a competitive advantage.

Chevy Corvette configurator

The 2020 Chevy Corvette 2D Visualizer attracted five times its normal daily traffic to the website. 2.4 million visitors spent 152,000 hours engaging, and built more than 940,000 Corvettes in total.

Are configurators suitable for you?

Investing in a configurator for your website might be a long shot, and it is definitely not a must-have for every business. In fact, the top sectors taking making the most out of it are: Luxury goods, Automotive, Furnishing, and Construction

Works well with novelty seekers

At the end of the day, it all depends on your target audience – if your customers are interested in novelty, exclusive experiences, personalization, and/or unique products, then a 3d configurator might be what you need to boost your sales.

The benefits of an integrated configurator system

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Having a system alike can improve your ordering process (not everything is about the customer experience).

E-commerce solutions provide you with efficient 3d asset management that can be integrated into your inventory. You can automate your invoices and quotes, with an overview of product features, and more accurate pricing.

Lastly, leading brands such as Tesla, Range Rover, Nike, and Ikea, are already accelerating their online sales with 3d configurators. Will you take the next step to become a trendsetter?