Why you should choose for a 3D Configurator

3D Configurators let your consumers experience your products like never before. Place your product in the environment it belongs in and give your consumers complete control over the camera and aestetics. Your consumers configure their preferred rendition of your products and can buy it immediately as our configurator solutions can be fully integrated into your existing e-commerce system.

Our 3D Configurator solutions are completely built around your e-commerce system which not only creates a better buying experience for your customers but also allows you complete insight into your consumers habits and interactions with your products.


3D Configurator solutions can be made compatible with any screen type, seeing as nowadays consumers switch between screen types constantly throughout the day it is vital that the solutions are optimised for a variety of screen types.

Differentiate your product and webshop by giving your consumers the opportunity to view your products in a futuristic manner creating a buying experience that they will not soon forget.

Increase conversion

3D Configurators let your consumers inspect and alter your products to their wishes, this form product interaction has proven to increase conversion across the board. The consumers interactions are recorded and all the data is stored on a dedicated server granting you full insight into every product interaction.

Configurations can also be saved to be finished another time or shared with other potential buyers.

Engage your customers

Create a stunning, lifelike enviroment that showcases your product in the setting it deserves, increase the level of product presentation to enhance your digital footprint.

Use the 3D Configurator techniques to showcase your product in a 360° enviroment, export high-quality 3D renders that can be used for a variety of marketing purposes.

Give your customers the best buying experience (UX) with full e-commerce integration

Our solutions can be integrated into any e-commerce platform and connected to the CRM, this allows you to inspect just what your consumers are interested in and how they interact with your product or service.

All of our solutions can be updated and added onto in the future which allows you to keep your content up to date and with the time. Use the gathered data to create the optimal buying experience for your consumers.

How Configurators drive sales in every sector

Learn more about feasible market segments that increase sales and improve your ordering process dramatically.


Responsive designs made compatible for any device

3D Configurator solutions can be made compatible for any screentype. Showcase your product on any screen and let your consumers experience the future of e-commerce.


Experience a new view

Give your consumers complete control over the camera, zoom in and out in the 360° environment your product deserves.


Experience a new dimension

Combine 3D Configurator solutions with Augmented Reality possibilities to bring your products to life through their screens.


Experience high-quality imagery

3D Configurators showcase your products in high-quality, the 3D renders can be used for a variety of marketing purposes.

Why do companies use configurators?

3D Configurators not only entice consumers and create an increased buying experience but also streamline your e-commerce back-end.

Configurators process the chosen configurators immediately as they are connected to the existing e-commerce system, giving the consumer direct information which can be maintained easily as time passes.

Let consumers experience your products before purchase

3D Configurators allow your consumers to experience your products in a lifelike environment whilst interacting with it throughout the buying process.

Configurators have proven to reduce costly product returns due to the fact that your consumers have a better understanding of exactly what they are buying. This not only saves costs but effort and man-hours as well.

Use the imagery for multiple purposes

3D Configurators make it easy to extract high-quality imagery of your product in the environment it deserves.

These high-quality 3D renders can be used for a multitude of marketing purposes increasing your digital product presentation across the board.

Learn what your customers want

3D Configurator solutions store all the configurations on a dedicated server.

This data grants you full insight into the interactions with your product configurator. Learn how consumers interact with your products and how they view your products. This allows you to adjust your approach based on valuable data of consumers that have shown interest in your products.


3D Standalone software

A 3D Configurator can be fully integrated to your webshop and payment system or designed as a standalone application which can be saved on any device.

Use the standalone configurators for events and fairs or in live stores. Showcase your products in real-life and let potential consumers interact and design their ideal version of your product.

How it works

The 3D Configurator solutions are fully integrated into your existing e-commerce system.

Consumers start the configuration, pick their preferred model and start configuring it to their liking. Once they have finished the configuration they can buy the product directly using your payment method.

Find out how we handled the following cases

We have worked with a vast variety of companies in different sectors that have all seen benefits from our 3D Configurator solutions.

View the following cases to learn more about our direct approach towards different types of projects.

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