Why you should care about 3D Configurators

1. Top brands use 3D Configurators because their versatility

Configurators are so versatile because it can work on any device, browser, and it doesn’t require plugins. However, the hype is in the wow factor that it can add to the customer experience -allowing users to explore products in a 360° view while customizing colors, textures, and virtually any product feature.

2. Prospects can learn more about your product

Why is the 3D Product Configurator important for e-commerce?

Apart from seeing every possible angle of your product, prospects can move it around and zoom in. All in real-time and in 3D. Therefore, they can understand your products, learn how it works, and interact with them precisely. 

Additionally, 3D Configurator can give them customization with increased product satisfaction, since customers are able to select options according to their needs and specifications. Now, put yourself in the perspective of a potential buyer for a second… He needs your product but is not sure about its dimensions, how it looks, or what can be modified to suit his needs. To test this better, you can try our demo and see how easy to use it is:


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Increasing website traffic and engagement (click me)

The infamous Chevy Corvette 2D Visualizer case. In 2020, it attracted five times its normal daily traffic to the website where 2.4 million visitors spent 152,000 hours building more than 940,000 Corvettes in total.




Improving the quality of your leads (click me)

Domes, a multipurpose manufacturer from Poland, experienced an increase of Qualified Leads by 30% with an additional 30 - 40 minutes of user time spent on-page.


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Increasing sales (click me)

Zodiac, a boat manufacturer, has increased the sales of the N-Zo model by 50% in just two years. Additionally, the N-Zo is their most expensive model.

Reduce your carbon footprint (click me)

3D Product Configurators are able to reduce stock overproduction since you will be able to produce upon customer orders and not the other way around. This could help your business not only to save on production costs but also reduce unsold products stock. Additionally, your customers will gain purchase confidence which can decrease product returns and therefore, CO2 emissions from shipping.


By adopting new 3d configurator technology you can increase the customer's purchase confidence as they explore and learn more about your product in a playful but precise way -this can reduce product return rates as well alongside increasing your website engagement, reducing unsold stock and overproduction, as well as improving the quality of your leads.

We create the tailor-made 3D configurator your product deserves! 3D Configurator Online is based in Amsterdam. If you would like to know more, contact us now for a meeting!

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