Spyker cars – 3D configurator preliator

About Spyker Preliator

Spyker cars came to us to help visually present their newest model; the C8 Preliator. They wanted a 3D-configurator that could help introduce the new model, the configurator was to be used in events and Spyker experience centres to let clients experience and personalize the car of their dreams.

A 3D-configurator that introduces users to their new model

The 3D-configurator we made for Spyker is a highly interactive custom-made software project that let’s the user interact with just about every aspect of the car. Seeing as the configurator was set to be used at events it had to work effectively and be simple in usage.

The Result

All of the combined efforts make for a great introduction to the new Spyker model, the configurators lets users explore and interact with the newest addition to the Spyker cars line. Interested consumers can design their unique car which creates for a great buying experience. Currently the configurator and the corresponding 3D renders are being used at events and at Spyker experience centers as the opportune promotional package for this great piece of human ingenuity.
The highest quality lifelike renders and 3D production create an interactive 3D configurator for the luxury automotive industry.

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