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Studio Pets

The models of Studio Pets are the cutest young animals that are photographed in the fluffiest settings with stylish accessories. Studio Pets has been at the basis for many successful merchandise collections over the whole world due to the success of the models and photos of their lovable creatures.

Studio Pets AR

Our team designed an Augmented Reality app that is available in both the Android play store and the Apple IOS store. The app made it possible for users to view the cute creatures in real life through the use of their personal devices. Want to check out what the app does? It’s easy, just download the app and start playing with the life-like 3D models of these cute animals. The animals are controlled by you, you can play with them, rub their belly and make them perform all kinds of amazing tricks. The application also lets you film and take pictures of the creatures, who wouldn’t want to make a selfie with a virtual dog? The app functions by placing the model on a predetermined floor image, like a logo, which makes it possible to play with these fuzzy creatures in every corner of the world.

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