The Five Benefits of 3D Product Configurator

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Why is the 3D Product Configurator such a difference maker in e-commerce?

Have you ever customized a product online to your total liking? Maybe you have customized your dream car. The best-looking paint job, smooth interior, cool rims, you can mix and match until it is completely you. Perhaps you have personalized a sneaker, choosing your favorite colors, laces, putting your initials on the side.

The options a 3D configurator offers are endless and you see your creation in an instant. It results in a new level of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Let’s take a closer look at five of the key benefits a 3D product configurator offers.

01. Higher perception of value

Clients are willing to pay more when they have the possibility to customize a product to their needs and wants. It brings out their personality and highlights their lifestyle. It results in a product that truly represents you. A study by Deloitte shows that more than one-fifth of shoppers who are interested in customizing their products are willing to pay 20% more for their personalized goods.

3D configurators provide brands with a higher engagement which leads to more quality leads, lower customer acquisition costs and higher conversion rates. It’s like a domino effect that boosts all areas of your e-commerce. Large brands are benefitting on a huge scale but now it is possible for smaller brands to enjoy the same impact due to attractive pricing.

02. Higher customer satisfaction

Customized products are overall perceived as high-quality and premium products. When customers are in control of the looks and details of the product, they are more likely to be satisfied with the end result. This creates high brand loyalty. Being in charge of the features and appearance of a certain product gives the customer a feeling of freedom and ownership. The time they spend on a website increases drastically which adds to a stronger connection with the brand. When we look at the fashion industry, a study performed by Bain & Co. shows us that when a customer designs their own shoes, this leads to a 50% higher Net Promoter Score. This score indicates the brand/ customer relationship. This leads to higher sales, higher lifetime customer value and more referrals, according to Bain & Co.

03. The personal touch

When comparing interacting with 3D product renders to product videos, 95% of the customers agree, 3D configurators are highly favored. It allows clients to personalize their product instead of just watching a video with some features mentioned. To give options is to give the freedom to discover what you want. Even something like changing the color of a product adds that personal touch that can make a difference in the purchasing process. The more complex a product becomes the more freedom you want to give to turn that potential customer into a paying customer.

04. The social aspect

When you offer the possibility to personalize a product, a client becomes more excited about the result and the chances increase that he or she wants to share this excitement. It is your individual creation and it is more connected to what you stand for. It will spark reactions and you are bound to receive social validation from your surroundings. Family and friends can give their opinion and more interaction is the result. This type of social integration benefits the customer but also the brand. It leads to more exposure and more brand awareness!

05. Data gold mine

The whole process of customizing and purchasing provides the company with a lot of valuable data. They get a better understanding of which aspect of the product is most valued and which features are popular. There is a lot of information to be harvested regarding their product that gives great insights for future production or upgrades of the current ones. Preferences and interests come to the surface. This feedback is difficult to receive normally. It could well be that a certain feature will be included standardly, just because the 3D configurator indicates that it is highly wanted. Your product evolution will be more effective and the desires of the client are easily taken into account.



Why should you care about 3D Configurators

By adopting new 3D configurator technology you can increase the customer's purchase confidence as they explore and learn more about your product in a playful but precise way - this can reduce product return rates as well alongside increasing your website engagement, reducing unsold stock and overproduction, as well as improving the quality of your leads.

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